Mechernich Mining Museum

The history of Mechernich is inseparably connected to the mining industry: 2000 years ago the Celts and the Romans had already laboured here looking for underground treasure -lead ore. Even now there are numerous remains from the era of ore mining and iron smelting.

The Günnersdorf mine originated from the second half of the 19th century, the height of the mining industry.  In the 1990s parts of the lead mine, closed in 1957, and were opened up to create the visitors mine and the Grube Günnersdorf Museum. Dive into the underground world with expert guides and experience under which conditions miners dug for “Eifelgold.” Walk through the galleries and shafts, through underground caves and corridors. Above ground there are numerous exhibits from the era of active ore mining in the small museum building.

The treasure hunt in the visitors mine is especially exciting and adventurous for children. Or go on a mining history hiking tour with the whole family along the former workshops of the lead mine and the smelting area.

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