LVR-Open-Air Museum in Kommern (Freilichtmuseum)

Can you remember the smell and taste of bread baked in a wood-fired oven? In the LVR Open- Air Museum in Kommern you can experience how life and work was in the Rhineland past using all your senses. Have a chat with Anna Ippendorf our farmer’s wife, who lived in the House of Kessenich in 1871, or find out the latest gossip about the mouse trap seller. Come across animals in the grounds, from the cock on the dung pile to cows, or the farm animal breeds, re-bred in the museum, such as the Glan Donnersberg cattle or the Deutsche Weideschwein- German meadow pig.

In the new group of buildings “Rhineland Market Square” you can take yourselves back to the 1950-1970s.It is still under construction.  New buildings such as a pub and a bungalow are added every year, from the “Quelle” pre-fabricated house and hairdressers to the ice-cream parlour, a petrol station and bus stop.

Throughout the year there are numerous events as for example “Annual Fair from Yesteryear”, “Crazy Wood”, “Time-Lapse“, „After Harvest”, “Advent for all Senses”. The Eifel Forest Education Centre in the LVR Open-Air Museum has numerous educational courses in forestry and nature.

Special exhibition “War experiences in the Rhineland- between elation and desperation”

From 29thJune 2014 on you can visit the special exhibition “ War experiences in the Rhineland- between elation and desperation” showing the highlighted situation of life at the beginning and during the First World War. The Eifel artist Anton Keldenich from a village near Euskirchen, shows an impression of living conditions in the country through his diaries and drawings.

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