LVR Industrial Museum Euskirchen Müller Cloth factory

Sleeping Beauty still exists in Euskirchen-Kuchenheim. In 1961, when the business of Müller’s cloth factory deteriorated, the owners locked the gates and left everything as it was on the last day of work. Even now the tear-off calendar from 1961 is still hanging on the wall, and next to the machines forgotten coffee cups. Very carefully and lovingly the factory was renovated and changed into an industrial museum.

The museum guides start up the filigree spinning machine and the thundering weaving looms during every guided tour and produce all sorts of woollen cloth as it used to be made. Even the steam-engine from 1903 is sometimes set puffing and panting into motion. Models and films about the hard working conditions are shown. During the many events in the cloth factory the emphasis is on discovering, experiencing and participating.

Numerous activities and programmes concerning wool and the cloth factory such as “field, forest and meadow weaving”, or “dye with indigo” are on offer. On the 1st Sunday in June the traditional wool market takes place in Euskirchen-Kuchenheim. The museum’s guesthouse Mottenburg offers the unique chance to learn, live, meet, hold a meeting and celebrate directly next to the former cloth factory.

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