Grube Wohlfahrt

Experience the Eifel from underneath the whole year round and learn about the underground world of the “Grube Wohlfahrt” in Hellenthal- Rescheid! Guided tours are available in the former ore mine three times a day, which is especially adventurous for children. It starts with the “GRUBENHAUS” where there is a small exhibition. A stairway leads to the deep shafts where some of the side shafts, around 900 metres underground, have been made accessible for visitors.

The evidence of mining from the Middle Ages up to the 19th and early 20th century can be seen, when gun powder was still used for detonations, and at that time the one and only electric mining railway was used to transport the ore. The over 100 year old scored drawings are something very unique to see in the “Grube-Wohlfahrt”.

Discover the mine also via special programmes laid on such as “treasure hunts” or evening tours “in the light of the old mining lamps” Above ground you can discover the traces of the Rescheid mining industry on the nature trail around the “Grube Wohlfahrt.”

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