Satzvey Castle

Satzvey Castle is one of the best-kept moated castles in the Rhineland, whose origins go back to the 13th century. Satzvey Castle is well-known today for its diverse events, showing history and tradition in an interesting and fun way, which is dear to the heart of the Patricia Gräfin GmbH. Let yourselves be bewitched and led into the times past.

Visit the colourful Easter Market, the Witches Festival, the Children’s Chivalry Festival, or the famous knights’ jousting tournaments at Whitsun. Let yourselves be “frightened” on Halloween Eve, or enjoy the pre-Christmas period with the historical castle Christmas festivities on every Advent weekend.

The dreamlike atmosphere of Satzvey Castle is also worth experiencing during a visit even when there are no events. Small shops invite you to browse. Go to one of the restaurants or stay for the night in the castle. It has been family property for over 300 years, and is still the residence and ancestral seat of Count Beissel von Gymnich and his family.

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