Kloster Steinfeld

Kloster Steinfeld with its three characteristic towers lies elevated on a range of hills in the North Eifel. Its beginnings reach back into the era of Heinrich I (919-936).The basilica connected to the cloister was built between 1142 and 1150 as one of the earliest German Premonstratensian arched church. Preserved in the interior are late Gothic arch paintings by the artist Hubert von Aachen and rich Baroque decorations. The basilica is world famous for its unique König organ from 1727 with its wonderful tones.

After secularization I in 1802 the cloister functioned in a secular way until it was taken over by the Salvadorian order in 1923.Today it is also home to a grammar school, educational centre and guest house, in addition to the Kloster Steinfeld Academy. Collectively the cloister with its buildings and grounds is one of the best-preserved cloister monuments of the Rhineland and lies directly on the Eifelsteig Hiking Trail.

Explore the cloister grounds or relax in the centuries-old cloister garden with its”Natural Cathedral” and walk-in labyrinth. Find contemplation and stillness by visiting one of the church services or organ concerts in Kall-Steinfeld.

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