The Eifel Nature Centre

The Eifel Nature Centre in Nettersheim is a nationwide centre for environmental education with exhibitions about nature and history. With a variety of events it brings visitors closer to the natural and historical treasures of the Eifel. Whether in seminars or on excursions, family experiences or activity programmes for school classes- the offers are always accompanied by qualified guides.

Archaeology and nature studies of the region come alive through the exhibition in the main building. Many discovery stages, such as the coral reef aquarium make the round tour an entertaining and exciting experience.  In autumn 2014 a new Roman Road information centre of the project “Roman Road/Agrippastraße-Via Belgica Adventure Area will be opened.

In the “Fossil House“ there are unique fossil collections that give a view of long past worlds.

Visit the Archaeological Landscape Park and the Roman tavern that was opened in May 2014. A round tour connects the Eifel Nature Centre, also starting point of the Roman Canal Hiking Trail with the Archaeological Landscape Park.

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