Roman Road Adventure Area

In order to protect the unity of the large empire, the Romans constructed a widely branched road network. Parts of the Agrippastraße between Cologne and Dahlem and the Via Belgica between Cologne and Übach-Palenberg are even now more or less recognisable in fields, woods and town streets. The project “Roman Road/Agrippastraße-Via Belgica Adventure Area” integrates the former Roman state roads into the Rhineland hiking and cycle routes. Exposure and reconstruction make the Roman road constructions  visible.

Visit the new information and documentation centre “Roman Road/Agrippastraße-Via Belgica Adventure Area” in the Eifel with its locations in Blankenheim and Nettersheim. The opening takes place on the 12th September 2014. The Info centre is the ideal starting point for hikes and excursions around the Roman theme

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