Family fun in the North Eifel

School breaks? Weekends? Holidays? Pack your parents in your bags and come to the North Eifel. And even better, bring some friends with you. Because there is a lot to discover-whatever the season and whatever the weather.

Wildlife Parks

In the Hellenthal Birds of Prey Compound-Wildlife Park you can stroke wild boar babies, watch lynx or feed deer. The kings of the air in the flight show are amazing. When you visit the Rhineland Wildlife Park you can observe animals as long as you wish, climb onto an observation point and discover the spacious grounds.

Wild Kermeter and Wilderness Trail

How much energy does a storm have? And how tall will a Beech tree be in a 100 years? What noises do the inhabitants of the forests make? If you want to know all this and more about the plants and animals in the Eifel National Park, then visit the barrier-free adventure area “Wild Kermeter” with its interactive Adventure Wilderness Trail.

Farmers, Mini and Adventure Golf

Challenge your parents to a game of mini golf. Or how about farmers golf? In this game balls are hit with golf clubs made from broomsticks and wooden clogs over a cow field. In comparison Adventure Golf is very similar to a real golf match.

Summer Toboggan Run and Go-cart track

 The Summer Toboggan Run in Mechernich-Kommern guarantees hair- raising descents. At the go-cart track in Dahlemer-Binz you can get the feeling of being a real racing driver.

Watery fun and holiday feelings

Feel like adventure and refreshment? Then go for it in the North Eifel lakes and swimming pools. At the Steinbachtal Dam open-air swimming pool you can splash around to your hearts content. The Kronenburg and Freilinger Lakes invite you to various water activities and a decent cooling off. At the Zülpicher Lake you can have fun in the water and afterwards laze around on the beach.

Indoor fun

When the weather is terrible, the indoor playground AKTIVI is worth a visit. Or try out ancient games in the Zülpich Roman Thermals. At the Müller Cloth Factory you can even get “Wolli” going, a real steam engine.  The Coral Riff Aquarium in the Eifel Nature Centre is astounding! The exhibition “Wildnis (t) räume” in the Eifel National Park Centre offers a lot of exciting information about woods, water and primeval forests of the future.

Nature close-up

Did you know you can collect magical herbs in the LVR Kommern Open-Air Museum? Or go through the National Park with a junior ranger on an adventure trip. In Krewelshof you can bake bread on a stick. And the largest fossils can be found on a field near the Eifel Nature Centre.

Holiday on the farm

Romp around in the hay, stroke animals, smell wild flowers and run around meadows-that’s holiday on the farm. Would you like to accompany the farmer on his tractor today, help at feeding-time, or just lie around on the meadows, watch cloud formations and chill-out? Country life makes children happy and contented.