Roman Canal Hiking Trail

The 116 kilometre long Roman Canal Hiking Trail from Nettersheim to Cologne follows the route of the Roman Eifel Waterway in seven stages. The hike leads through charming landscapes from the North Eifel to Cologne and gives a close-up view of the remains of old constructions from Roman times. Along the route there is information about the various Roman remains. The railway running parallel to the trail offers the perfect solution for return journeys. With the hiker-friendly publicans along the Roman Canal Hiking Trail there is the possibility to stop and find accommodation for the night.


1.    Nettersheim – Kall-Dottel (15 km)

2.    Kall-Dottel – Mechernich-Feyer Mühle (16 km)

3.    Mechernich-Feyer Mühle  –  Euskirchen-Kreuzweingarten (13 km)

4.    Euskirchen-Kreuzweingarten – Rheinbach (16 km)

5.    Rheinbach – Bornheim-Brenig (22 km)

6.    Bornheim-Brenig – Brühl (Wasserturm) (15 km)

7.    Brühl (Wasserturm) – Köln-Sülz (19 km)