Night and Day Dreams in the Eifel National Park

The National Park can be found in the centre of the North Eifel Nature Park, where nature takes its natural course. The conservation area, 65 km south west of Cologne, has the size of 17.000 football pitches and will become the wilderness of the future. During the day there are a variety of opportunities to explore this particular area of the region. However the night time in this adventure region is especially fascinating. Because of the philosophy that nature should take its course in the Eifel National Park, and it being thinly populated, there is hardly any light pollution here. For this reason it is possible to experience an unspoilt night time and observe the starlit sky on clear nights. This feature has been acknowledged by the experts of the International Dark Sky association (IDA) which has awarded the National Park the status of an official Star Park!

The Adventure Region by Day and Night

With our offers of all-day and multiple-day events, there is the chance to discover the features of the park by both day and night. Day trips or short breaks can be individually planned to suit all needs by choosing from various elements. Whether for couples, families or groups, there is guaranteed something for everyone.

The highlight of all offers is the Astronomy Workshop programme “Unlimited Stars” in the Vogelsang IP.  The night sky and star constellations are introduced by experts; in addition the Milky Way and other heavenly treasures can also be seen with your own eyes. Groups can book the Astronomy Workshop events for € 300. All events can be found on

Please note that the schedule for star gazing can only be met during clear weather conditions. If the events are unable to take place we offer an alternative programme, and participants will be informed during the afternoon.

Events in the dark

During the time between dusk and dawn there is also a lot going on in the Eifel. There are various organised events on offer in the evening or at night from January to December. It is possible to “Go Underground”, various evening guided tours in our TOP sightseeing trips, unique events such as the ghost parade in Blankenheim, Halloween at Burg Satzvey, the Moonshine Sauna in the Zikkurat Eifel leisure centre, or have fun on St Hubert’s Eve in the famous Birds of Prey Compound in Hellenthal Wildlife Park. Undoubtedly different are the event series “North Eifel Culture by night” that are on offer as six night time events at particular places during the autumn. Further annual events in the dark give a unique spotlight view of the Eifel with its starlit heaven in the evening twilight. More about the offer of events in the National Park Adventure Region can be found on the official homepage

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