Experience Nature

Eifel Nature Centre

The Eifel Nature Centre in the Eifel community of Nettersheim is the ideal starting point to discover nature and history on your own. In addition numerous events for groups, families and individual tourists are available. >>www.naturzentrum-eifel.de


This unique nature show makes the North Eifel magical every year during the flowering season from the middle of April to the beginning of May. During this time millions of wild narcissi above the Oleftal near Hellenthal-Hollerath are spread out as a veritable carpet garden. >>www.hellenthal.de

Wild Orchids

In the nature conservation area Gillesbachtal, near Marmagen, the Genbachtal near Nettersheim and the Sistig-Krekeler Heide, near Kall, thousands of wild orchids can be admired during the summer months. >>www.naturzentrum-eifel.de


Between May and June the flowering broom gorse covers wide areas of the Eifel with a golden-yellow glow. The “Eifel Gold” can be especially well-seen for example on the Dreiborn high plains in the Eifel National Park. >>www.natuerlich-eifel.de


Dense knotted juniper bushes are to be found in the Lampertal nature conservation area near Blankenheim along with many other rare plants. >>www.blankenheim.de

Eifel Herbs

Smelling, tasting and looking at herbs, all this is possible on the Eifel Herbal Path and the annual Eifel Herbal Days in Nettersheim and Bad Münstereifel. A large market, in addition to guided tours and events around the topic of herbs are available on these days. >>www.nettersheim.de  >>www.bad-muenstereifel.de

More for friends of plants

Those botanically interested can find numerous rare species in the North Eifel, amongst others Arnica, bristle grass, wild garlic, bell heather, pasque flower and wood hyacinth. The Sistig- Krekeler heath is the only place in the North Eifel where marsh gentian grows.