Activities and Nature in the North Eifel

Thank you for being interested in an activity holiday in the adventure region of the North Eifel with its Eifel National Park. This part of the countryside has a lot to offer. Come and see the countryside, meet the people and stay overnight – or even longer. We guarantee a relaxing time-out from daily life.

The North Eifel offers hiking on the legendary steep tracks, called “Steig” and trails. There is the Eifelsteig from Aachen to Trier, the Roman Canal Hiking Trail from Nettersheim to Cologne, the Ahrsteig, or the 85 km long Wilderness Trail leading right through the centre of the National Park.

Cyclists can also find suitable routes among the typical gentle downs in the south blending in towards the northern flat borderland in the excellent “cycle-friendly Kreis Euskirchen”. To whet your appetite there are cycle trails along the rivers Erft and Ahr, and the Moated Castle Routes. Pedelics (E-bikes) to hire are available at various stages in the North Eifel.

To make you feel at home there is accommodation for all tastes and price ranges-from four star hotels to “holiday on a farm”. Booking is made simple and easy with custom-made all-inclusive offers for your activity holiday.

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